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I'm done. Stuff for sale (Read 2325 times)
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I'm done. Stuff for sale
09/26/14 at 21:14:46
I'm selling my stuff. Haven't flown in years and not likely to again.  
NIB Rossi 5 port high performance .60 2str. $125.00  
(nearly) NIB Moki 1.8 with circular mount and pitts exhaust and prop and spinner. Broken in, flown briefly, virtually new. $200
Chapman 76cc flat twin. $450
Saito 80 4str. Good engine but has frozen and needs to be soaked $20
Saito 150 4 str. only flown with high oil content fuel. Good engine but is also frozen. the guy at the hobby shop said $60 to service it. $75.00
Chapman Rebel 300 with Chapman 76cc, with servos in excellent condition. Hasn't flown in a few years. This is an older plane that was built and tweaked by Dale Preston. Terrific flyer. It needs a careful go-over and it should be fine.  $700. $850 with the transmitter Futaba 8 ch computer pre-digital.  
Goldberg Piper cub. Sides and tail feathers framed $50
Balsa USA 1/3 scale Sopwith Pup. fues and tail feathers framed.  I paid over $450 with duty and shipping. $225. gets you a cool plane or a great box of balsa. I'll toss in a photocopy of the original riggers notes from 1918.
Old 4 chan radio with buddy chord. $20
Box of stuff -misc cowls, wheels, spinners, fuel tanks, props 13x6 mostly, prop balancer $35
box of misc covering. several good rolls, blue, white, yellow, red. + box of pushrods $30
Trike gear, spring air retracts. 60 size $30
MAAC jacket patches. 98,99,2000,2001,2006,2007 $10
4 authentic Canadian Aerobatic Team jacket patches. $10
I have a couple of real EAA peel and stick decals for the full size $5 ea, looks great on a big plane.
I might still have in the box a couple of real IAC decals. $5 if I can find them.  
NIB  2 high torque digital servos.
Classic flight box, good panel, electric starter, hand fuel pump, glow plug clip, glow plug wrench, bad battery. This is a classic, decals go back to 92. $45
Misc stuff- ask I might have it.  
Tool box full of fasteners, rod ends, screws, and all the pricey little parts you need to build or rig a model. Almost everything is still in original packets with original prices. Prices as marked.  
some pics available
Dave Whitton
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Re: I'm done. Stuff for sale
Reply #1 - 10/07/14 at 20:37:10
Hey Dave!  
Sorry to see you leaving the hobby. I still remember the day when you cleared me. We were doing takeoffs and landings with my old Eagle 2. You had given me the Master TX and you just pulled out the buddy cord and walked away and said "go fly"! Never forgot that day!
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Tom Gottlieb
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