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1  For Sale or Wanted / For Sale / DHC-2 Viking Beaver 32E/68"
 on: 04/23/18 at 20:19:43 
Started by Mike Gerace | Post by Mike Gerace
I would like to see this gem remain at HVRCF// Happy Flying/Mike.
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2  For Sale or Wanted / For Sale / Re: For sale:  YAK-55 with engine
 on: 04/02/18 at 19:18:47 
Started by Acri | Post by cast-away
Hello Anthony,
I am interested if the plane is still available.  Warren
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3  General Messages / General Board / Field Report Feb 14th
 on: 02/14/18 at 13:16:58 
Started by Mike Gerace | Post by Mike Gerace
Entrance road/parking (24"). 4 wheel drive truck or SUV and snow tires required!  
Happy Flying//m.
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4  General Messages / General Board / Float site
 on: 02/12/18 at 12:46:53 
Started by Bruce | Post by Bruce
Planning is being done for the use of the float site.  As you know the site is available, any day the Campground is open, to HVRCF members that have been briefed on float site rules and the designated flying zone.  Here are the current rules for the float site.
Humber Valley RCF Inc. Float Site  
All members of HVRCF will abide by the following rules when flying at this Club facility. You must be cleared to fly at this location. Attendance at club organized events will qualify HVRCF members and allow these members to clear other members with respect to the following:
1.      No propulsion system may be used as a recovery craft (Row boat/raft only).
2.      Parking and other vehicle traffic is restricted and must remain at the top of the hill. (Do not unload at    the beach).
3.      Minimal foot path traffic between the parking area and launch site must be respected (Ontario Conservation Authority - OCA).  
4.      Nito/Gas fuelling over spill(s) must have a protection mat (OAC).
5.      Do not litter anywhere (Including cigarette butts).
6.      Do not tamper with or remove any vegetation anywhere (OCA).
7.      All HVRCF Inc. and MAAC rules are applicable at all times.
8.      88db noise limit.  
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5  General Messages / General Board / Re: My Most Recent Challenge...Continued
 on: 02/06/18 at 15:04:30 
Started by Terrence Allen | Post by Terrence Allen
     Many people have responded to my Forum post by way of direct telephone calls to offer their support and wishes for a full and speedy recovery and that's always gratifying. Someone I just spoke to recently from our club mentioned that they also responded on the Forum as well. I had not considered that people may choose to respond online and so I visited the club website and was pleasantly surprised that some chose to respond through this medium...a belated thanks for your kind comments...sorry I didn't respond sooner!
     For those interested parties, I will offer a brief update here what has changed since I post news of my predicament on the Forum almost a month previous. The respiratory specialist advised me that the results of the biopsy from the initial lung tissue excision came back "inconclusive diagnostic" and so a second biopsy was ordered. This time, two separate lung tissue samples were excised and sent off for analysis. This physician met with me in his office yesterday and told me that, while he had received the results a couple of days previous, he wanted to speak to me in person rather than give me what he felt was the bad news by telephone. He said that I was suffering with a malignancy known as 'Squamous Cell Carcinoma' and that he would refer me immediately to the services of an oncologist at Humber River Hospital to discuss potential treatment options. My meeting with this lady is scheduled for tomorrow. During the brief time I spent in the office of the respiratory specialist, I intuited that he did not feel optimistic about a positive outcome in this particular always, time will tell. Unlike days gone by, with recent advancements in medical technology, cancer is no longer an absolute death sentence. To the extent I am able, I will remain positive and non-judgmental. Certainly, I owe it to everyone who knows and cares about me to do my best to try and overcome this...first of all of course, I owe it to myself. Your continued prayers and well wishes are absolutely welcomed and appreciated!
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6  General Messages / General Board / Re: New Member Introduction
 on: 01/26/18 at 14:05:43 
Started by cast-away | Post by tgott
Hi Warren
Welcome to Humber Valley!  
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7  General Messages / General Board / Re: New Member Introduction
 on: 01/26/18 at 08:16:23 
Started by cast-away | Post by cast-away
Hi Paul,
No I don't do any indoor flying, often wanted to but just don't have the time during the week. MAybe I will check it out one evening when I visit my Mother-In-Law in Etobicoke with my wife.
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8  General Messages / General Board / Re: New Member Introduction
 on: 01/26/18 at 08:06:30 
Started by cast-away | Post by rpm
Hi Warren,  
Welcome to HVRCF.  I will look forward to flying with you at our field.  Do you do any indoor flying?  We have a great venue for indoor and the dates are listed on the Activies page.
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9  General Messages / General Board / New Member Introduction
 on: 01/25/18 at 08:37:27 
Started by cast-away | Post by cast-away
Hello everyone,
I just joined your club last week and thought it appropriate to introduce myself. I grew up in Rexdale and attended TCI back in the lat 1970's. I got married and 1990 and moved to Newmarket and have lived there ever since but always worked in the north west part of Toronto.
I have been flying since 2011 and got my wings at the 905 club in Aurora the same year. I currently run a small club called Queensville Model Aircraft Club (QMAC). There are only 8-10 members and we fly from a sod farm up in the Queensville area.  
I joined your club because it is difficult to get a few people out on a weeknight when you have such a small group and I like to fly at least once a week. I always missed the comerardary of chatting with others while at the field and you can imagine when you have a club of 8 to 10 3 is a crowd! Your club is only 5 minutes from where I work so the location is very convenient for me at lunch time or after work to go out and fly. I fly a Vissionaire electric plane and am in the process of changing up with I fly on the gas side.
I look forward to meeting you all this spring!
Warren Goodman
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10  General Messages / General Board / Re: My Most Recent Challenge...Continued
 on: 01/13/18 at 17:21:40 
Started by Terrence Allen | Post by tgott
I speak for everyone in the club in saying that we are all praying for Terrence to make a full recovery. I spoke to him today and while he is certainly facing a big challenge, his medical team is still conducting tests and waiting for results that will help determine the right treatment plan.  
Terrence, I know you are a fighter and can get over this and we are all rooting for you. I don't think God is done with you yet. I am expecting to see you at the field in the spring. Please let me know if there is any way we can help.
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