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Message started by Terrence Allen on 01/08/18 at 21:03:02

Title: My Most Recent Challenge...Continued
Post by Terrence Allen on 01/08/18 at 21:03:02

      While they are still unable to offer me any definitive diagnosis and treatment regimen until the results are in, the overriding consensus is that I'm suffering from either multiple, malignant cancerous tumors in both lungs or what they are calling 'A-typical pneumonia' which basically means that it's a form of lung infection they've never come across before. The physicians from both countries also agree that the most likely culprit was that sixteen plus hour flight from Dallas/Fort Worth airport to Sydney International airport on Qantas Airways that had a full complement of many hundreds of passengers on board. Sitting in such close proximity to such a large number of people for such an extended period breathing in the same air everyone else was breathing out represents a perfect recipe for the spread of assorted contagions leading to illness. One physician characterized it as a "massive flying Petri dish of germs and bacteria".
     So I'm home now waiting for the results to go back in and I will admit that I feel quite nervous about what they're going to tell me. This will either turn out a death sentence or a long road back to prime time health for me. I feel so uplifted by all the people who have rallied their support around me through this difficult of course but also friends and acquaintances, fellow church congregants and others. People have shown up that I had forgotten I even knew when they heard the news of my's so gratifying! Doubtless, many reading this post who have known me over the years will also hold me in their thoughts and prayers. I would really appreciate that. As you can understand, my family is struggling with this every bit as much as I am and that really hurts my heart but, the best way I know of assuaging their concerns is to remain positive throughout this and absolutely resolute in my determination to beat this thing and eventually return to a state of excellent health. I refuse to give to whatever this battle is that's going on deep inside my chest.
     Now you are as up to date as I am with this most recent challenge in my life. I had such a different preconception as to how this long-awaited trip to Australia was going to unfold for myself and my family but I believe it was John Lennon who wrote "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". I remain hopeful that I will reconnect with many of you over the upcoming summer's flying season. My very best regards to all...Terrence Allen

Title: Re: My Most Recent Challenge...Continued
Post by ylijiam on 01/08/18 at 23:57:57

Hi Terrence, I am so sorry to read of your predicament on a trip ought to be a good time with family. I am glad you are back home - at least you won't have the added financial burden for the medical tests abroad. I wish you the best. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Title: Re: My Most Recent Challenge...Continued
Post by rpm on 01/11/18 at 08:10:03

Hello Terrence,
I am very sorry to read these posts about your current challenges.  It's too easy to take our health for granted and apparent good health can change so quickly.  You will be in our thoughts and Jain and I wish you the very best for a favourable diagnosis and a speedy recovery.

Title: Re: My Most Recent Challenge...Continued
Post by Charlton on 01/13/18 at 10:43:56

Terrence, you must get better soon! We all need your good humour and wisecracks.  
best wishes.
Milt Charlton

Title: Re: My Most Recent Challenge...Continued
Post by tgott on 01/13/18 at 17:21:40

I speak for everyone in the club in saying that we are all praying for Terrence to make a full recovery. I spoke to him today and while he is certainly facing a big challenge, his medical team is still conducting tests and waiting for results that will help determine the right treatment plan.

Terrence, I know you are a fighter and can get over this and we are all rooting for you. I don't think God is done with you yet. I am expecting to see you at the field in the spring. Please let me know if there is any way we can help.

Title: Re: My Most Recent Challenge...Continued
Post by Terrence Allen on 02/06/18 at 15:04:30

     Many people have responded to my Forum post by way of direct telephone calls to offer their support and wishes for a full and speedy recovery and that's always gratifying. Someone I just spoke to recently from our club mentioned that they also responded on the Forum as well. I had not considered that people may choose to respond online and so I visited the club website and was pleasantly surprised that some chose to respond through this medium...a belated thanks for your kind comments...sorry I didn't respond sooner!
     For those interested parties, I will offer a brief update here what has changed since I post news of my predicament on the Forum almost a month previous. The respiratory specialist advised me that the results of the biopsy from the initial lung tissue excision came back "inconclusive diagnostic" and so a second biopsy was ordered. This time, two separate lung tissue samples were excised and sent off for analysis. This physician met with me in his office yesterday and told me that, while he had received the results a couple of days previous, he wanted to speak to me in person rather than give me what he felt was the bad news by telephone. He said that I was suffering with a malignancy known as 'Squamous Cell Carcinoma' and that he would refer me immediately to the services of an oncologist at Humber River Hospital to discuss potential treatment options. My meeting with this lady is scheduled for tomorrow. During the brief time I spent in the office of the respiratory specialist, I intuited that he did not feel optimistic about a positive outcome in this particular always, time will tell. Unlike days gone by, with recent advancements in medical technology, cancer is no longer an absolute death sentence. To the extent I am able, I will remain positive and non-judgmental. Certainly, I owe it to everyone who knows and cares about me to do my best to try and overcome this...first of all of course, I owe it to myself. Your continued prayers and well wishes are absolutely welcomed and appreciated!

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