Video and Book Library

There is a rental fee of $3.00 for each video (maximum 2) and a deposit of $20.00 for rental of each video. Videos may be rented for up to one month.  It is your responsibility to return videos on time, or your deposit will be used to purchase new ones.


Material can be signed out and returned at club meetings or by calling the Club Librarian, Roy Gee  at 416 749 8473.


In addition to the videos and books listed below the club also has a Radio Shack Noise Meter that can be borrowed to check the noise level of your engine to ensure it means club requirements.



  1. Wring It Out Vol. 2
  2. Wring It Out Vol. 3
  3. Wring It Out Vol. 1, 2, 3
  4. R/C Video Mag. Vol. 11/88
  5. R/C Video Mag. Vol. 9/87
  6. R/C Video Mag. Vol.6/86
  7. Applying Ultracote
  8. R/C Video Mag.Vol. 10/88
  9. Smoke On
  10. Air Adventure Museum
  11. Hansen Scale Aviation
  12. Hansen U.S.A. Scale Masters 95
  13. 2 Stroke Engine
  14. 4 Stroke Engine
  15. Florida Air Fair
  16. Grand Illusions
  17. Eagle Hangar Showcase
  18. Oops! Airplane Funnies Vol. 1
  19. R/C Video Magazine Vol. 1 /85
  20. Masters World Aerobatic Championship       
  21. Ballet Of The Sky                                            
  22. Top Gun Tournament 1996                            
  23. Top Gun Tournament 1997                            
  24. I.M.A.A. Rally Of Giants 1998                       
  25. Tournament Of Champions  Vol. 1                  
  26. Tournament Of Champions  Vol. 2  
  27. Masters World Aerobatic Championships 1998
  28. Famous Planes of WWII
  29. Covering with MONOKOTE                


DVD Videos

  1. Top Gun 2005
  2. Warbirds and Clasics over the Midwets 2007
  3. Warbirds over the Rockies 2007
  4. Warbirds over the Rockies 2004 and 2005
  5. Tucson Aerobatic Shootout
  6. Joe Nall 2006
  7. Top Gun 2006
  8. Top Gun 2007



Books on RC



  1. Electric Model Flyers Of S. Ontario Symposium
  2. Technical Articles From electric Model Flyer
  3. Electric Model Aircraft.
  4. The History Of MAAC. 1949-1999
  5. Flight Physics And Aircraft Control
  6. Basic Radio Control Flying
  7. Radio Control Sport Flying
  8. The advanced guide to radio control sport flying
  9. 2-stroke glow engines for RC Vol.I
  10. Electric Model Flyers of Southern Ontario Symposium
  11. Master Modeling by Harry Higley
  12. The History of MACC 1939-1999
  13. Gas Engines - Gian Planes by Don a dh Jody Apostolico
  14. The crashless way to Radio Control flying
  15. Proficient flying bt Wayne Apoistolico
  16. Cross wing flying by Wayne Apostoloico



Books on Full Size Aircraft

P51 Mustang by Gill Gunston

RAF Fighters Part 1

Israels Airforce

The Role of the hBomber by Ronald W. Clark

1933-1937 Combat Aircraft of WW II

1938-1939 Combat Aircraft of WW II

1939-1940 Combat Aircraft of WW II

1941-1942 Combat Aircraft of WW II

In the Air "Great Battles of WW!

Air bunner Mike Henry

Air Aces. Lives and Times of Twelve Canadian Fighter Pilots